Saturday, September 14, 2013

Six years here.

From the newsroom to the front porch.

Six years ago, I filed a story about a MSU Board of Regents meeting and then walked out of the Murray Ledger & Times newsroom for the last time. Months of thinking and praying and talking and dreaming and figuring were put into a decision that turned out to be one of the best of my life.

I always saw myself as a working mom. I liked seeing my byline and feeling the rush of adrenaline as election results were tallied or news stories broke before my eyes.

But I know myself, and I'm an all-or-nothing gal. Being a newspaper reporter and a momma was going to pull me in too many different directions. And I knew God was giving me a choice.

{I'd like to say here, everybody's life is different. Responsibilities and circumstances vary. This was just my life in 2007 with a newborn adopted daughter in my arms and an entrepreneur husband who supported me then and continues to now in every way imaginable.}

I chose to give up a job I loved for a new season I knew nothing about.

And here I am. Six years later. So thankful I did the hard, right thing. I'm better for it. My girl is better for it. God surprised me with a couple friends who came directly because of my decision to quit working and several others who came into my life more indirectly. God surprised me with new dreams and desires. There's still adrenaline and I still want to be all in.

Today isn't the first time I've written about this decision to leave that newsroom. It was a big deal for me, people. So, here, take a look at some past posts ...

What's in a name? {Sept. 14, 2007} :: "I'm going to replace my pen and notebook with toys that rattle and squeak, bottles, naptime and smiles that melt my heart. She’s only 4 months old, but she’s changed me. I’m fully embracing my new identity as "Cate’s mom," starting officially after I finish writing about the Board of Regents later today. There is much in a name. But there is more to be said about purpose."

One year at home {Sept. 14, 2008} :: "So, here's the truth, 365 days later: There has not been one day I wished I still worked at the Murray Ledger & Times. Seriously, not once have I wondered if I made the right decision."

Becoming momma {Sept. 14, 2011} :: "Motherhood is hard. This is harder than any of the 88 city council meetings or two murder trials I covered. This is more challenging than asking U.S. senators and university presidents questions about controversies. But motherhood is rewarding. It's more thrilling to listen to my son learn to tell stories in broken, incomplete stories than it was to write a breaking news story. It's more precious to hear my daughter talk about Jesus than to hear about our public hospital's budget. And my job here is far from over. My kids are little. They have a lot of growing up to do. And I'll get to have a front row seat that doesn't require any media credential."

Five years down this road ... {Sept. 14, 2012} :: "I came home feeling like a burden had been lifted because I wasn't being stretched between what I assumed my life would be and what my life had become. ... Quitting my job was certainly a new leg of the journey, and I couldn't really see too far in front of me. But looking in my rear-view mirror, I'd go around that curve again, especially knowing my life is absolutely nothing like I planned and I wouldn't have it any other way. And, you know, for being a stay-at-home mom, I don't even stay home that much."

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