Sunday, September 29, 2013

{Giveaway} More Grace Unplugged

"Grace Unplugged" opens in some theaters this coming weekend. To celebrate this faith-based movie on the big screen, I have another giveaway for you! It's kind of like the one from earlier this month, but this one includes music!

Here's what you need to know about "Grace Unplugged" :: Sometimes, chasing your dreams leads you right to where you belong! Having just turned 18, Grace Trey aspires to more than just singing at her church where her father, a former pop star, is the worship leader.

With the help of Mossy, her dad's former manager, Grace records a cover version of her dad's old Top-10 hit, runs off to Los Angeles, and begins to taste the kind of stardom she's always dreamed about. Yet with each rung of the ladder she climbs, Grace feels more and more pressure to compromise her values, further straining her relationship with her parents. Will everything she experiences lead her to reject her faith… or rediscover it?

The cast includes A.J. Michalka, James Denton, Kevin Pollak and Michael Welch.

{Click here to see if the movie opens in your town on Friday!}

So ... I guess you want to know what you could win, huh? The movie-inspired prize pack includes:

  • "Grace Unplugged" soundtrack CD with songs by TobyMac, A.J. Michalka, Chris Tomlin and Shawn McDonald
  • "Grace Unplugged," the novel by Melody Carlson
  • "Own It," a book by Michael & Hayley DiMarco featured in the movie
  • An exclusive "Grace Unplugged" guitar pick
{You can read more about the two books in the post from my earlier giveaway.}

This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents who have a physical address to which the prize could be shipped. {No P.O. Box addresses, please.}

To enter, just leave a comment about why this is a movie you'd like to see. I'll randomly choose a winner on Saturday. UPDATED: Congratulations to Becky! This "Grace Unplugged" package is coming your way! 

"Grace Unplugged" via PartnersHub is providing these promotional materials to the winner of the giveaway. I haven't actually seen the movie, but I'd like to watch it sometime. Unfortunately, it isn't opening in my town this weekend. 

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  1. Reason I'd like to see this movie... for the most part it's because there isn't must I like on TV or many movies of interest in seeing. I always appreciate a good Christian movie. They warm my heart (and many times bring a few good tears). Hope your weekend has been wonderful!!

  2. So excited about this movie!! I had my daughter watch the trailer last night, so she is excited now as well. I laughed when I saw you were doing this, I'm planning my own giveaway this week for this movie. But, as of now, my computer that I do all my writing on has crashed, so I guess it depends on when I get it back. If I do manage to get it up, I will link back here so that people will have an extra chance to win!! I would love to win this!

  3. KristinHillTaylor9/30/2013 12:59 PM

    Oh I hope your computer gets going again soon - those things are so frustrating! But maybe you'll win this! :)

  4. I want to be a worship and youth leader and I think the movie gives a good look into the music world.

  5. KristinHillTaylor9/30/2013 9:50 PM

    What a great reason!

  6. I like to support movies like this because they seem fairly rare -- good message without lots of garbage. Unfortunately, if it's not opening in your town, it's not opening in mine, either. I hope it lands here eventually.

  7. KristinHillTaylor10/02/2013 3:56 PM

    Yes, so true!

  8. KristinHillTaylor10/02/2013 3:56 PM

    I hope so too!

  9. This sounds like a great movie with a positive message that we all need to hear!

  10. I'm glad, too! I have been trying to enter from my ipod but it wouldn't work so I finally logged on to the computer. Haha.