Monday, July 22, 2013

A tale of four extroverts

In a family of extroverts, it's rare it's just the four of us at the lake. We're all party people, but we spent Sunday afternoon and evening at our lake house, squeezing a little time in between renters. While the sun was out, we all played in the lake. Well, OK, Greg and I mostly floated, but we had our two little ones climbing on us when they weren't jumping into the lake. Then it rained and later stormed. But we embraced the down time.

They were going to jump in together ...

... but then he got mad she went without him! They got back up on the dock and did it again and again and again. Ben even asked if she would push him in. I don't know many people who want to be pushed in! I loved watching them play together. Here in the latter half of summer, sibling rivalry and arguing may have gotten the best of all of us. I was so thankful for the opposite yesterday.

Yes, we're all extroverts. We're social. We all like to talk. We often have ideas and plans on how to execute them. We all are filled by the relationships around us. My kids ask every day who is coming over for dinner or who we are going to eat with. And then they are usually disappointed when I say "just us."

Yesterday I soaked up some sun, was splashed by my water-lovin' kids, prepared a delicious summer meal, played Skip-Bo, watched a couple episodes of "Mad Men" once the kids were fast asleep, and thought to myself more than once how grateful I was for just us. They seemed to be happy to do the same.

Speaking of extroverts, I love personality tests. Here is a post I wrote earlier this year about being an extrovert, among other things. I'm also reading another book that has helped me further analyze my perfect melancholy/powerful choleric ways. More to come on that, I'm sure. What is your personality like? Do you family members share yours?


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