Saturday, May 25, 2013

{Weekend Words} Memorial Day edition

Kentucky Lake. April 2012. More reflecting and discovering coming this weekend.

It's Memorial Day weekend. May we remember how blessed we are as people and how much of that is because of the sacrifices other families made throughout history. Enjoy the people near you, find ways to love the ones far from you, and build on the legacy of those no longer with you.

We're going to eat, play, catch up with family, rest, swim, boat, and regroup at Kentucky Lake. Meanwhile, I thought I'd leave you some links to articles I loved. I was challenged and encouraged.

hands_free_mama_logoThe Important Thing About Yelling :: "As I let go of my internal and external distractions, the anger and stress pent up inside me slowly dissipated. With a lighten load, I was able to react to my children’s mistakes and wrongdoings in a more calm, compassionate, and reasonable manner." Hands Free Mama reminded me I'm not alone and gave me hope. While you're there, click around her blog. Her philosophy of living a less-distracted life is worth thinking about.

A Tantrum and Two Fools :: Again, with how we speak to our kids and what our behavior models. "We mistake our display of 'authority' for being the parent in charge, when in reality we are mimicking our child’s behavior and reinforcing it by our poor example. We become the fool." Hello, conviction. In a good way. Between this post and another she wrote this past week {A Sure Risk}, Amber seems to be peeking in on my life!

When Storms Rage On (And How to Get Through) :: The reporter in me loves that Jennifer Dukes Lee revisited a past story. The writer in me loves her storytelling. And the Christian in me is thankful for the hope she shares. "If Pastor Bill were asked to fill a pulpit in Moore, Oklahoma, this Sunday, he’d give folks the message he once heard from a therapist who spoke about the difficulty of divorce – 'The only way out is through.' As for the rest of us, the ones out here groping for answers? Well, he said that sometimes, it's best to say nothing at all. 'Just be there. Help people. Hold them,' Pastor Bill told me. 'Tell them that their pain is your pain too. We weep with those who weep. And rejoice with those who rejoice.'"

What are you doing this weekend? What have you read lately worth sharing?

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