Monday, April 22, 2013

What's on your ...

This post is inspired by one Ali Edwards wrote last week. I tweaked my list a little, but it's a fun way to document the right now in my life. 

Perennial to-do list :: Scrapbook. Organize pictures that I've printed. Put together a hanging display for postcards. Mop and clean the toilets and showers also hang over my head.

Refrigerator shelves :: Left over deviled eggs. Milk that I bought on the way to school this morning and then proceeded to pour some into my preschooler's cup. Coke Zero. Lettuce. Beef thawing for dinner tonight.

Front porch :: A bird made a nest. Less pollen because the lawn care guy blew off the porch.

Nightstand :: Kindle. "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.

Calendar :: Carpool this afternoon. Greg turns 35 today. Cate and I also have birthdays within the next two weeks. Four more weeks of school for Cate. Three more school days for Ben.

Dream itinerary :: Pretty much anywhere, especially places that are warm.

Playlist :: "Promise of Summer" by Jackopiece.

iPhone :: Map My Run. Instagram. Words with Friends. Facebook. Twitter. Texting. ShopShop.

Workout plan :: Run a few times a week in preparation for a 5K on May 25. I ran 2.09 miles this morning.

Bucket list :: Load up my family in an RV and travel to all the MLB stadiums during baseball season. Write a book.

Mind :: Dear friend Sarah and sister-in-law Angela are expecting babies soon, like this week. People I want to make plans with. A neighborhood party. Updating our adoption home study, again.

DVR :: "The Good Wife" is all we really record these days, but we're caught up. I don't really expect to watch the "Mob Doctor" episodes, but we haven't deleted them yet.

Blogroll :: Jennifer Dukes Lee. Chasing Blue Skies. Big Mama. Jen Hatmaker. {Just to name a few ...}

To-read list :: "Desperate: Hope for a Weary Mom" by Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson {And the Kindle version is just $3.99 today!}. "Interrupted" by Jen Hatmaker. "You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)" by Jeff Goins.

Tell me about your right now.

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