Monday, December 3, 2012

'Tis the season!

I spent my son's naptime wrapping Christmas gifts and listening to Christmas music while wearing a T-shirt and wishing the windows in my house opened. Seriously. Crazy Kentucky weather. High of 72 on Dec. 3.

Funny thing is, I'm totally in the Christmas season, no thanks to the weather, which really does usually cool off around here. This weekend certainly helped push me into the season, even though I was basically already there. We walked in a Christmas parade with my daughter's school and went on a tree hunt on my mother-in-law's farm {see picture above}. Truth is, I love Christmas and the preparations that go into the season.

Our non-denominational, non-traditional church is incorporating an advent devotion and scripture-reading time into the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. It started yesterday and I'm looking forward to the coming weeks. The anticipation and symbolism that comes with celebrating the advent season is something I remember fondly from my Catholic childhood. My faith has grown since I sat in those pews at Immaculate Conception in La Grange, Ky., but God is still God and the details of Jesus coming to live among us as a baby are fascinating and full of joy.

So, with a happy heart, I welcome the season.

With the parade-walking, tree-hunting adventures finished, other items on my Christmas to-do list include:

  • Fix one clothes pin on my card wreath. I've gotten a couple cards already that need a home.
  • Print Christmas newsletters, label envelopes and mail Christmas cards.
  • Finish Christmas shopping, which only includes a few gifts for a few people, and will likely happen online.
  • Make some of these Christmas treats. That's it on my baking list, and that's not really baking.
  • Wrap more. Listen to more music, especially my favorites,which, in case you're wondering, are "Silent Night" by Mercy Me, "Joy to the World" by Bebo Norman, most all of Third Day's "Christmas Offerings" and nearly all of City on a Hill's "It's Christmas Time."
  • Make one wreath with my 5-year-old girl for my husband's office door.
  • Protect some time at home before the evenings become filled with fun parties with our friends and family. I want to make sure we read the Christmas story out of "The Jesus Storybook Bible" more than once.
  • Brainstorm decorations and other details for the Jesus Birthday Party we're having again with friends.

And because it's freeing to think about what I'm not doing, I'll give you that list too:

  • Not hang Christmas lights outside. My husband is grateful I don't care about such things. 
  • See above about my lack of baking projects.
  • Stress about perfection. Some of my heavier ornaments wouldn't work on our tree that has narrow branches. The Little People nativity is often scattered near the Geo Trax holiday train set. Christmas wrapping and presents have exploded in my guest room. So what. 'Tis the season. Let's enjoy it! Yes, I'm telling myself at least one more time.

Thing is, I may add to or take away from those lists. And that's OK. I want to embrace the season that celebrates Jesus' birth. I want to help my kids experience joy. I want to grow closer to my husband as we establish traditions with our young family.

What's important to you this season? How have you been preparing yourself, your family and your home? 

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