Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{Greg's Guest Post} Top 10 of Us

Welcome my husband, Greg, to my blog! 

I know you are used to reading what Kristin writes and she is so good at what she does that I look forward to every one of her blog posts. She recruited me to write here, but I am an amateur so bear with me.

We often say that God has a plan for each one of our lives, and I believe that is true. God knows everything we will ever think or do, and he is in the details. One of the cool ways that this works is in a marriage. God knows all the little details in our lives, even if we don’t know all the little details about our spouse when we get married.

Kristin and I have found out several gratifying things that we agree on, even though we didn't necessarily discuss them before getting married a decade ago, have helped bring us together. 

In no particular order, here the Top 10:

1. Sporting events are great for the whole family, not just Dad. Kristin grew up in a sporting family, watching football, basketball, and soccer. Her dad played football for Kentucky and her sister, Cassie, played soccer at Austin Peay. (We have since forgiven her for attending our alma mater’s rival and marrying a Governor basketball player.) So Kristin came into the marriage knowing a thing or two about watching a sporting event with family. 

Good thing, too, because I grew up playing basketball, baseball and, to a lesser extent, soccer. Plus, college football is one of my favorite sports to watch. Kristin and I enjoyed attending Murray State and Kentucky games together while in college. We've lived in Murray for nine years and part of our life here includes our season tickets to Racer games! The kids enjoy going and seeing family and friends.

2. Christmas lights are not a priority at hour house. In fact, we've never put them up on the outside of our house and only have them on the tree and mantel inside. I have no desire to light the house up like Clark Griswold, and Kristin doesn’t want to mess with them either. Not that we’re Scrooges, but it’s nice to agree on one less thing to worry about.

3. Every vacation must include, at some point, a trip to the miniature golf course. I’m not saying that we’ve followed this one to the letter, but we have at least attempted to find one. I guess miniature golf is one of those things we usually only do on vacation but this was kind of fun to learn this about Kristin. We even did this before we had kids, just the two of us out on the miniature golf course reliving younger days.

4. We don’t want pets. Growing up on a farm, my family had dogs and, but never anything inside other than a couple of birds. (Kristin just cringed at learning I lived in a house with birds.) Don’t get me wrong, I like your dog, but I am glad that he stays with you when we leave your house. Kristin had cats and some hamsters as a kid. Now we’re both allergic to cats and so our house is pretty much a pet-free zone. The kids may talk us into getting a fish at some point, but that’s probably it.

5. Art museums don’t qualify as fun on vacations. I have gone to art museums with friends before (and if I have gone with you, know that I love you) but neither one of us enjoy that very much. If you are an artist, know that I am amazed by what you can do, because I draw stick men.

6. Our bed is a kid-free zone, at least until we are both awake. Kristin and I both need our sleep, so there was no letting the kids come sleep with us at night. We both snore (although Kristin debates this ...), so there are enough distractions if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night.

7. We are happy to drive safe, affordable used cars. Neither one of us ever has cared whether we had a new car to drive, which is ironic because my family is in the car business. If you do happen to be in the market for a new car, please call Dwain Taylor Chevrolet-GMC, Toyota of Murray, or David Taylor Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, all here in Murray. 

We got our van used from Uncle Dwain and it has proven to be reliable and we have enjoyed many trips in it. I am so blessed that Kristin is not pressuring me to be driving around in the newest, flashiest minivan. She recently wrecked our van and hope to find a dependable, affordable replacement soon. It doesn't even need a DVD player. 

8. Kristin doesn’t expect our yard and landscaping to be Better Homes and Gardens quality. Don’t get me wrong, I have always made sure the job got done. But, I am not necessarily a big fan of mowing/landscaping, and I am so glad that we have Joey Johnson with Cornerstone Lawn Care to mow our yard and take care of these things now. We started Cornerstone Lawn Care to help mow all of our rental properties’ yards, but getting our yard mowed is a nice perk too.

9. Board games, card games and word games are all part of enjoying family time and time with friends. Whether we are playing the Name Game, Euchre, Game of Things, Settlers of Catan, Hearts, Spades, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land or Words with Friends, we are a game-playing family. She used to beat me regularly in Scrabble, and then I learned her defensive, board-jamming ways. We enjoy competing with each other in these types of games we are both good at, and now with the kids we enjoy playing games with them, too!

10. We both enjoy road trips. I mentioned the mini golf that usually happens and the art museum that don't, but we love the adventure and it is so much fun to load up the car with the kids and set out to see family and friends. Although we love being at home, there is nothing like seeing new places and traveling with our family. Kristin is great at organizing everything and I am good at handling the navigation and driving, so we are a great match.

What things do you and your spouse fall on the same page about as your live your life together that maybe weren't areas you discussed before tying the knot?

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  1. This is awesome! And I'm glad we're friends despite #4. :)