Friday, December 7, 2012

Crafting Christmas, again ...

I've had the same wreath hanging on our front door since February, so when Greg mentioned he wanted a wreath for the front door at his office, I checked out the ones in the holiday section at Walmart. None of them worked, not even for me, who only changes her home decor for December, especially for $19.98.

So I did what any slightly crafty, deal-lovin' mom would do: I turned to my 5-year-old daughter who believes anything can be handmade and said, "Don't you think we could make Daddy a better wreath?" She was immediately on board and suggested we use blue ornaments. "Because Daddy likes blue things."

After a few days of seeing the Walmart bag of supplies sitting around, I decided to tackle it tonight. With Cate's help, of course. I'm not sure it's better than the gaudy, gold $19.98 wreaths, but it's more us.

And Daddy approves.

This is actually our second craft of the season, and this one wasn't even on my short list of things I wanted to do. Want more? Subscribe to get "Insights" in your inbox. Or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

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