Saturday, November 10, 2012

{Adoption} In song

Kids are like sponges, so I'm careful about what songs we listen to when we're all piled in the mini van. Trust me when I say there is some terrible kids' music out there.

Really, rather, I should say: We've discovered some awesome kids' music, meaning it is geared toward kids but doesn't make the adults in the vehicle cringe.

I've found one of my favorite songs on "Slugs & Bugs: Under Where?" {Say that out loud ...} "I'm Adopted" makes me want to dance with joy {and, people, I don't dance ...}, snap my fingers {which I'm not even that good at doing ...}, and thank Randall Goodgame for summing up the gospel in one children's song. Plus, you know, when you have two adopted kids like I do, you're a sucker for anyone who make such a meaningful, emotional experience into a song of celebration.

Love had a plan for me in a great, big family. I'm adopted. ... Love came and found me, wrapped arms around me. ... And love has a plan for me in a great, big family. I'm adopted. ... Love made right the wrong. Now I know where I belong. ... Once I was a stranger to my God and king but he saw me there from his throne above and he sought me and bought me and now I sing of a brand new life and his endless love and how love had a plan for me. {From "I'm Adopted" by Randall Goodgame}

Oh, I know, you want to hear it now. Well, you can. Here. And while you're there, read the story behind the song.

This is the fourth in a series of posts this month in honor of November being National Adoption Awareness Month. You can read my past adoption-related posts here. Want more? Subscribe to get "Insights" in your inbox. Or follow me on Twitter.

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