Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sheepy Scotland

When you think of Scotland, what do you think of first?

I think of sheep.

I've been to New Zealand, where there are almost 10 times as many sheep as people. {Source.} I know sheep aren't limited to Scotland. But, still, I think about rolling pastures with some rocky cliffs. And sheep.

Then I think about plaid and castles and the fact my grandpa is half Scottish.

So when Cate's school needed volunteers to create booths for its annual Reformation Day celebration, I decided to have a pasture scene in a photo booth where the kids, who were decked out in cute Scottish costumes, could have their pictures taken. And then I decided to dress my boy up like a sheep too. You know, for continuity sake.

Funny thing is, Cate wore the same costume, which is borrowed from a neighbor, when she was 2. We had been to New Zealand a couple months before and I supposed she still had sheep on her mind.

Back to Reformation Day. A quick explanation, which I needed myself a couple months ago: In late October, some protestant churches and groups celebrate Reformation Day. At New Covenant Christian Academy, specifically, each year the school has celebrated a different Reformation leader. This year was John Knox, who was a reformer in Scotland in the 1500s.

Hence the sheep.

The event was full of creative ways to help teach the kids about church history while they had a fun break from the classroom. I'm thankful for this school and its hands-on learning that is built on a biblical foundation. 

Now on the photo booth. I used fabric I found at Wal-mart as my grassy backdrop, which was attached to a wooden frame a friend built me. I converted a ride-on toy zebra into a sheep, borrowed some stuffed sheep from my girl's stuffed animal collection, borrowed some rocks from a friend's fire pit and bought a hay bale.It worked out well ...

Now a few more snapshots of the event ...

A bagpiper set the mood at the beginning of the day.

There were different shops the kids visited. This is the leather shop.

What sheep wields a sword? My boy, of course!

Baaa ...
So in honor of my kids, who have been telling some really terrible jokes ...

What did one sheep say to the other sheep?

"After ewe ..."


What is a sheep's favorite newspaper?

The Wool Street Journal.

Oh. I can't help it. Baaahaha! 

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