Thursday, October 27, 2011

A bear & some pumpkins

"What are you going to be for Halloween?" somebody asked almost-2-year-old Ben the other day.

"Care Bear." And then he growled.

Truth is, his sister was dressing up as a Care Bear for her party today at school. He apparently overheard the plan. And liked it. This morning when Cate was in her costume, Ben petted her back and said "Care Bear" more than once.

And then earlier this week there was pumpkin carving. Although Ben would tell you we "cut pun-tins." You get the idea either way.

And while the carving was happening, Ben was drumming ...

Both of the kids are fond of the pumpkin family on our front porch. If you've been to our house this week, I'm sure they've shown you. And, yes, those are battery-powered lights in the pumpkins. Not candles. Of course, these lights are safer with the little boy hands that like go inside the pumpkins. But, also, I didn't have any candles. Turns out, that's probably best now that I think about it.

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