Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Approved for You} Google Calendar

This is new, occasional series about things that help me, entertain me and inspire me.

I have a secret to share: Google improved communication between my husband and me. No, we didn't Google "how to better communicate when one person is far more into details than the other."

Truth is, Google Calendar is our friend. Quite some time ago, I created a color-coded calendar. Events are orange if they're for our family, blue for Greg, pink for Cate, purple for me and green for Ben. Then I shared it with Greg, giving him access to edit, add and change calendars. It took him a little while to realize how beneficial this could be. But now he uses it too.

He knows when I have playdate lunch plans or a doctor's appointment. And I know when he has a lunch meeting or an appointment that may keep him a little later at the office. One day he even added "Lunch with wife" to a Tuesday without me realizing. Honestly, we should do that more. Perhaps I'll make some dates with my husband soon; I'll be sure to put them in blue so he knows to show up.

We can access it from our phones or any computer. It's a living document, always being updated and tweaked. Sometimes his additions prompt questions from me. But, hey, that's how communication works. Right, Google?

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  1. I reallly like the logo! And I've just started using the Google Calendar to help keep my life and my newspaper straight. Mainly, my newspaper.

  2. I have been using Google Calendar for a while. I love it. I have a Family Calendar that is shared between the twins step-mom and I. It helps us keep up with what is going on without constantly having to check with each other. I love that it e-mails me my "agenda" for the day too. Keeps me reminded of what I have going on without toting around a day planner like I used to.