Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Worth Repeating Wednesday

I am mentally and emotionally revisiting these words that I read earlier this summer.

Your attitude can't help slip out through your behavior, and children are always watching. That means if you want to see your child change, you have to change yourself. ... We parents so want our children to be perfect (like us, of course) that we are masters at making mountains out of molehills. ... Every child will fail, make mistakes, and embarrass you. ... Correct the behavior and move on. What is most important, in the long run, is your child's character. ... You are the one who ultimately decides when you get angry. Don't let your children control your moods. If you get angry, an explosion of anger is like throwing up all over your child.

--Kevin Leman in "Have a New Kid by Friday"

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  1. I used to tell myself every morning when I got up "How I act this morning toward my husband and children will set the tone for their day". I did not believe that I was responsible for what went on their whole day. Thay do have free will of course, but most days I really tried to send them off with a good start and consequently my day got off to a good start too. I'm also a morning person so that helps too.

  2. I haven't decided if I want to read this book or not...have you? Did you like it? Mindy E