Tuesday, May 17, 2011

wanting to be big

This is Ben.

He desperately wants to be part of whatever the big kids are doing. So we let him sit at the picnic table the other night for dinner with Cate, Luke and Norah. Ben, who will be 18 months old in a week, did surprisingly well. He didn't dump the plate of food on the ground, although he did have to be reminded to sit back down. We considered it success for his first time eating alone while not restricted.

He likes to climb too. While this isn't a high destination, he still had to work to get himself into the cabinet shelf. First order of business was removing the toys that are usually stored inside.

Ben was all smiles at the jumpy place. He likes to jump. And he was thrilled his daddy was jumping with him.

Here first-cousin-once-removed Quinnen helped Ben dunk. Any game with a ball is good with Ben.

See what I mean? He's into balls. That makes his daddy proud.

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