Sunday, January 9, 2011

modes of transportation

I went to the Murray-Calloway County Airport for the first time to celebrate my nephew's 7th birthday party. Elijah loves planes, hence the airport venue. My kids loved the party and being with cousins and friends.

Make a wish!

We got a tour of the hangar and the kids got to get inside a two-seater plane. Here is Cate loving the moment.

And now for my other child ...

Ben's hair was crazy. More-than-usual crazy. It wouldn't lay down. Even with momma spit. But he's cute. Just look at that wave.

He doesn't really care anything about walking. Sometimes he humors people who take his hands and try to encourage him. Usually he just goes back to his knees ... and crawls ... quickly. I think he thinks walking will slow him down.

Ben was really into this Pin the Wing on the Plane. Really into it. See, he likes to stand up when it's to his advantage, but not so much as a mode of transportation. I'm guessing all that will change soon.


  1. LOVE the hair and the wave. I think his crazy hair will be his trademark always.

  2. Those are some great pictures! :)