Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas here

We simplified Christmas at home this year. It seemed to help keep joy in the season.

I have a son who likes to put things in his mouth and try to climb, so I put up a 4-foot tree on a table in our living room. It worked well this year. I still have my taller artificial tree that will make an appearance in future years.

We buy each of the kids one main present and then some stocking stuffers. We're blessed with extended families that love our kids, and part of how they show that is buying them gifts. They do such a good job that we just pick out something we know the kids will love and give them that. Ben had a few things we brought home from Louisville still to open because he went to sleep before we finished opening gifts there.

Ben got a Jump-o-Lene, which he discovered at a friend's house several weeks ago. When I saw him in it there, I knew what I wanted to get him for Christmas.

See, he really loves it, despite what it does to his hair, which, yes, needs to be cut.

We gave Cate a Tiana dress [and shoes, of course!] so she can dress up like a princess.

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  1. I love Ben's hair!
    I also love the simplicity of Christmas