Wednesday, August 18, 2010

playing, playing ... sleeping

Wanting to rinse off the coating of sweat from stroller exercise class, I put Ben and some musical toys in his crib so I could shower. He had just eaten some baby food and drank a bottle, so I felt confident I could steal those few minutes.

The bathroom is next to his room, so I can hear him if he's screaming. And when that happens, I just have to wash the conditioner out of my hair faster and forget about shaving. But this time I didn't hear him.

So I completed my shower at a normal pace.

While drying off, I heard him laughing and bouncing and having a grand time. Even minutes later, when I walked in his room -- sure that he'd make his desire to be picked up from behind the black wooden bars once he saw me -- he was smiling and giggling and enjoying the slightly annoying music coming from at least two different toys.

Yep, happy baby. So I went back into the bathroom to dry my hair and finish getting ready for the rest of our day. Once put together as much as I put myself together, I went back to rescue Ben, who still hadn't expressed any dissatisfaction.

No wonder I hadn't heard him. Apparently, he partied himself right to sleep ... face down in his blankets.

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