Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creating Masterpieces

And the subtitle should read: Who needs to finger paint when you have entire hands to use?

Cate had been wanting to finger paint since it was the craft of the week at story time several weeks ago. Then she forgot about it, so we never bought finger paint. Then, randomly, yesterday I told her we were going to the yellow store (aka "Walmart") before we went to the blue store (aka "Kroger") and she said, "We have to look for paint." Um, sure, I suppose. Mostly I was wondering what prompted the forgotten wish.

After lunch today, we broke out the finger paint, which, really, should be renamed hand paint. Regardless, I highly recommend Crayola's Washable Fingerpaints. They are in tubes and truly easy to wash off little hands and the kitchen table.

When she finished one of the six masterpieces she said, "See, Mom, it's beautiful. Want to take it so someone can buy it?"


  1. I'm currently in the market for a nice "hand-painting" if Cate is looking for a buyer! :)