Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have we LOST the candidate?

I didn't like "Lost" taking a one-week break. Nope. Not one bit. Thankfully, the drama, mystery and questions continue with last night's airing of "The Candidate." If you haven't watched it, stop reading. Now.

Sadly, we only have four hours left with our island friends and the friends/enemies they've made along the way. Keeping with my format to honor the bittersweet countdown to the end of the series, let's get going ...

1. While Jack and Locke's interaction in the flash-sideways didn't leave either of them making island connections, it does seem like Jack is close to realizing something happened on Oceanic 815. At the beginning of the episode when Jack said to Locke, "I think you're a candidate." I had to chuckle. I also realized how much island Jack has changed. He spent much of the series being the leader, protecting his people, believing his people and creating hope that they would one day get off the island. Then last night he said to Fake Locke, "They aren't my people and I'm not leaving the island."

2. Jack and Claire don't know the significance of their father giving her the music box, but I'm pretty sure (after my husband pointed it out ...) that it plays the same song she sang to Aaron and when she was in the hole in the ground at the temple. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket. Never let it fade away ...

3. I'm not surprised Fake Locke tricked his "friends." I thought he was going to do it on the plane, but, hey, why not the submarine? It's an even more compact space with nowhere to go. And that leads me to Sun and Jin ... At first I was (in my head) telling Jin to go. Their daughter needs him. But then I couldn't help but the think about the journey they had come on, as a couple. Their marriage was in shambles at the beginning and now they are holding hands as they drown. Sad. Sad. Sad. But at least they found each other first.

4. Sayid. I still have questions. What was possessing him and how did he change back into the hero for his friends? I'm glad to know for sure (as sure as anything is on "Lost") that Desmond isn't dead. Did Desmond bring Sayid back? Will we find out more of his story these last few episodes?

Other questions remain: What happened to Frank Lapidus? Why did the Smoke Monster kill Mr. Eko? (That one is courtesy my husband!) Where are Richard, Ben and Miles? And, dang it, how are these flash-sideways going to work with the realities already established in their off-island lives?

Your turn? What do you think? What are you hoping for these last few episodes?


  1. Bah. I didn't like the whole death scene. Or the Sun and Jin dying together. It was just totally from left field and not necessary, I think.

    Also, I'm not sure Sayid was ever really "cured" or overcame his evil, or even that he was evil in the first place, but I think he realized there was no way he could overcome his lack of emotions and no be used as a tool by Smokey.

  2. I was stunned for quite some time that Jin and Sun died. Died? After everything?
    I can only hope this whole saga ends up in the sideways reality so everyone will be alive!!

  3. Some points:
    - In the episode we are reminded of Bernard and Rose...then we see Jin and Sun staying with each other...

    - How is Kate still alive and not still bleeding... does ocean water help clot gun shot wounds?

    - What was Sawyer's plan supposed to be? How ws putting him the water going to stop him?

    - Funny that Sawyer got duped by a season long "long con"... as soon as he says he trusts him, he gets turned on...

    - Locke is lucky that Claire is still there... he will need her to kill Desmond...

  4. @longbrakeliving ... I don't know that Sayid was "evil," exactly. But he certainly wasn't himself there for awhile. Taking the bomb away from Jack, Kate, Sawyer, et. al. knowing/believing it was going to blow up was classic Sayid.

    @Heather ... I was a little surprised Jin and Sun just died too. I mean, they were JUST reunited.

    @Ryan ... About time you commented! I like your thoughts!

    Yes, I was happy Bernard was in this episode. I've been missing them. And, really, I think he knows more about the Oceanic 815 drama in the flash-sideways than Jack does. At least at this point. Hmmm ... He did mention to Jack about flirting with his wife.

    I'm not sure what Kate's deal is. Why is her name crossed off the candidates list? Yet she still can't die. Seems contradictory to what we're being led to believe ...

    I think Fake Locke/Smoke Monster can't be in water, at least for long. A few episodes ago, he mentioned to someone (I think Sawyer ...) that he can't just travel over to Hydra Island as easily as people think he can. Or something like that. I think Sawyer was thinking the water would kill him/hurt him/something along those lines.

    Clarie is definitely with Locke for a reason. But I don't know about killing Desmond. I think there is more of him to come ... and her, for that matter.

  5. thanks for catching the music box. i didn't and couldn't figure out the point.

    mark thinks that 1 person of each set will die (either the l.a. person or the island person) and that is how the identities resolve.

    sun and jin just about undid me.

    i wondered how i could love and hate an episode at the same time. fantastic episode, but hated the deaths.

    i also think that besides the evil vs good paradigm going on that the writers/producers are playing with the idea of how a single event can affect the path a person takes. my father died unexpectedly when i was 9. i have to ask, what if he hadn't...what would be different about my life. well, what if i was given an opportunity to experience that and see how different the paths really were.