Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Worth Repeating Wednesday

I think my recent "Lost" posts distracted me from my usual Worth Repeating Wednesday. But no more! Here you go ...

Our task as parents is not just to teach our children about God, but to model for them, to the best of our ability, what God is like. The Bible teaches us that God is kind, slow to anger, merciful, gracious, righteous, abounding in lovingkindness, a stronghold, a shield, a protector, a defender of the weak, perfect, sure, pure, true, gracious, strong and good. ... By our uncontrolled anger, words, and actions, are we creating an image for our children of an out-of-control, impatient, and manipulative God?

That's from Julie Ann Barnhill's "She's Gonna Blow!" -- which I have mentioned before. I'm not sure if she intended to write "gracious" twice, but either way I think being doubly gracious toward my children, my spouse and myself would revolutionize some moments around my house.


  1. That is a great quote! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I love reading your blog, Kristin. You continue to be an amazing writer and I love getting "wise wisdom" from your words. Hope you are doing well!