Friday, March 19, 2010

R-A-C-E-R-S, Racers, Racers ... GO RACERS!

Murray State won its first NCAA Tournament game in 22 years and only its second ever yesterday, in case you haven't heard. It was like a national holiday at our house. And there was much rejoicing. [I have told you before what a fun season it has been.]

In fact, I made my almost-4-month-old son cry. The kids napped through most of the game, but they both were awake from the end, probably thanks to some of our cheering/screaming/yelling in the last 7 minutes of the back-and-forth game with Vanderbilt. So I was feeding Ben, updating my Facebook/Twitter status* and cheering. Talk about multi-tasking.

Then this happened ...

And I jumped up from my seat. Ben's bottle fell on the ground, so he started crying. I high-fived and jumped up and down, like I was part of the force that willed Danero's shot to go in, at the buzzer, for the win, against the higher-seeded team, in the NCAA Tournament. And Ben cried harder. My phone started alerting me of incoming texts. And Ben screamed. I tried to feed him again, but he was still screaming, expressing his displeasure with my neglecting to feed him and the enthusiastic atmosphere that shook him from his relaxation.

But, hey, the Racers won. On a last-second shot. On national television.

Ben will forgive me. Like a friend said on Facebook, it's training for the future. That's right. A Racer in the making. Good thing he doesn't yet understand that the Racers play again on Saturday afternoon [game time: 2:20 p.m. central]. And we're hoping for more reasons to jump up from our seats.

* So I've joined the Twitter world. I didn't expect to like it, but it's fun following people. I've linked my Facebook and Twitter accounts, thanks to the TweetDeck app for the iPhone, so it's fun to update during the game. [Typing this out makes me feel like a nerd ...] Anyway, you can follow me @kristinhtaylor, if you're interested. Or become my Facebook friend, if you're not already.

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