Saturday, March 13, 2010

M-O-U-S-E ...

... and his and friends came to Murray yesterday. And I took Cate to see the show. Admittedly, I was really excited to take her. Is that weird? [Probably no weirder than me saying 2 as been my favorite age ... so far.]

When I bought the tickets last fall, she was just getting into the Playhouse Disney shows. Since then, she has learned "Imagination Movers" come on after "Handy Manny." Say what you will about kids watching TV, but I am proud to say I have showered every morning since Ben has been born, thanks to Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Yes, she's a fan of Handy Manny. She chose this light as her one toy. The light-up toys sure have become more sophisticated since I was a kid going to the circus ...

Handy Manny, yet again. The cotton candy [her one food treat] came with this hat. And don't forget the self-portrait to document Cate's first live performance ...

The transition to two kids was much harder on me than Cate. [I'm telling you, though, once we got to 3 months, I felt like I entered a whole new life.] I'm thankful for that and all the ways she has just gone with the flow of sharing her parents and her house with Benjamin. [She almost always calls him Benjamin.] All of this to say, I was happy to have a couple hours to give Cate my undivided attention in an environment I knew she'd love.


  1. That's a cute picture of you guys! Was she wondering where the Racers were? I'm glad you guys had a girl-date.

  2. Cute! I'm glad you all got to go. :)