Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ben had a hair cut. Seriously.

I don't mind the sticking up hair, but, goodness, it was getting out of control. [In case you haven't seen us lately, the wanna-be mohawk when we were at the park the other day was enough to prompt me to get out of the scissors.] See, I just trimmed it.

But, still, his first trim came two weeks shy of him being four months old. Meanwhile, he's gradually losing hair on the sides, especially his favored right side. And, you know, there's nothing like a baby with a receding hairline.

I'm fairly certain that when he's a teenager he'll want his hair to be sticking up in some stylish way that requires gel but his cowlicks [yes, multiple ...] won't cooperate. His hair seems to have a personality of its own, which I'm guessing will be either highly entertaining or incredibly frustrating.

For now, who can resist this sweet face and the hair that complements it?

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