Tuesday, March 30, 2010

65 and sunny

Ah, Spring. How I welcome you with open arms. I love so, so, so many things about you. I love how you can be cool in the mornings and evenings but oh-so sunny and warm in the afternoons. I like having my front door open to invite you in my house and having a great front porch for watching others enjoy you across the street at the park. I like how you making grilling a supper option. Your presence means baseball, flip flops and trips to the park.

Cate and her friend Emma enjoyed the sun today. Seriously, who doesn't like to accessorize for spring? See, Spring, what you bring out in the girls? And my boy Ben has enjoyed you too ...

That screaming smile by a 4-month-old boy obviously translates to, "Please, Spring, stay with us. At least for awhile before your dear friend Summer arrives." Yes, indeed. We like you both, Spring and Summer, but let's have a chance to enjoy Spring before Summer comes. Pretty please?

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