Sunday, December 13, 2009

And the winner is ...

Emily! Settlers of Catan will arrive on her doorstep soon, thanks to Cate drawing her board game memory out of a bowl ...

Canasta is our favorite game(as if you didn't know)... No it's not a board game but it is definitely a game of strategy!! This game has been passed down four Generations in our family and even includes two old reliable rule books... As far as board games go though... I'm always a sucker for scrabble!!

Thanks for everyone who participated in my first blog giveaway. I hope to have more opportunities to give you free stuff in the future.


  1. woohoo... way to go Cate!! I am so excited!! Thanks :)

  2. You are totally responsible for at least the sale of at least 10 more games and or versions of Catan since you taught us and then we have taught others. You are like Catan grandparents to 4 couples we know!!