Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yes, I went camping this weekend. I know, it's November, and camping isn't listed under my usual list of hobbies, but my husband had been wanting to, my in-laws were going were and said we could use their camper, and I assumed my daughter would like it. I was right. Cate loved the experience. Greg satisfied the urge the camp. The weather was beautiful. And I didn't have to sleep outside. My iPhone even sometimes picked up the wi-fi signal from the nearby campground office.

We stayed close to Murray in case our birth mom called to inform us her water broke, or she was having frequent contractions, or anything else that would signify our son would arrive soon. But she didn't. The disadvantage of staying close was we couldn't see the lake, or any lake.

The kids, especially the girls [meaning Cate and her cousin Ethne, who she calls "Epney,"], loved playing together. Greg and Charles fall into the "kids" category, at least for the afternoon.

It was a bright, sun-shiny day, thankfully.

But, really, I've decided, evening is the best time of camping, mostly because it involves sitting around the campfire and eating s'mores. But, really, there is something nice about being around the fire because it feels good and just talking and laughing with everyone, or, in our case, playing the Name Game.

[There are more pictures here in my Facebook album.]

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