Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NZ: Bungy Jumping!

Yes, I jumped off a bridge [with my husband]. Many people seemed surprised, a reaction which sort of surprised me. And for you "Bachelor" fans, it's the same bridge from which Jason and Molly jumped. The Kawarau Bridge is 43 meters [141 feet] above water and is considered the original bungy jump.

I was surprised with how smooth the actual jump is. The free falling at the beginning is crazy, but fun. And then bungy cord works its magic, and all the bouncing back up and swinging back and forth is incredibly smooth. Yes, I'd do it again, although I don't think another experience would compare to this one.

Oh, OK, so you want to see the jump in motion ...

[Cassie + Zac jumped too. Because of their height difference, they had to go separately, which wasn't their original plan. There are pictures of them, and other parts of our trip in a Facebook album.]

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