Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lighting Up

I knew Cate would love this shirt when I saw it at the local consignment sale last night. And I didn't mind spending $3 on it. It isn't every day a girl gets a shirt that has Ariel's hair randomly lighting up. In fact, the shirt makes Cate light up, figuratively.

And, for the record, I found many other bargains for both Cate and Ben as well as niece Milla and nephew Jaxson.


  1. there's nothing like a good bargain! i found lizzy a pair of patent leather shoes with a small heel at goodwill the other day for $3. Brought em home, washed them, good as new! She loves them. :)

  2. I do so enjoy the outing. Thanks for letting me tag along. I helped Angela with her shopping yesterday. Maybe I'll go back today for myself. Everyone enjoyed having her at the meeting last night and thought the shirt was so cute, but it made Greg nervous, I could tell. She was good, but got a little antsy toward the end. She had to give everyone a hug goodby and they loved that. We had 2 other babies there too. They are the future and who we are fighting for.