Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lake Day Fun

We spent Saturday at Kentucky Lake with some friends. Riding the jet ski was fun, but my favorite part was tubing ... Yes, holding on so tightly to the tube attached to the back of the jet ski that my upper arm muscles ached the following day, only to be thrown off the tube into the water with such force that my legs have a few bruises. As strange as it sounds, that's my favorite lake day activity.

Oh, and the family ride on the jet ski went like this ...

Me: Cate, do you want to ride with us?
Cate: (Backing away from us ...) No. No.
Me: It'll be fun. We'll hold on to you.
Cate: No. No.
Me: Oh, come on ... (A friend handed her to me.)
Cate: Ride boat.
Me: Yep. Daddy is going to drive us in the water.
Cate: I wanna go home.
Me: It'll be fun.

(We go on out, although nothing as fast as when I was gripping the handles of the tube. Cate mumbles, and I think it's something about going home ...)

Me: Did you have fun?
Cate: Have fun boat.

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