Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Day That Never Really Was

I traveled in time today. Or, really, it was yesterday. Or maybe tomorrow.

It's all really confusing.

We boarded a plane in Cincinnati on Friday afternoon and a couple connections and about 24 hours later we were scheduled to land in New Zealand. On Sunday local time. It's Saturday at home. But, really, we had no Saturday.

Technically, we gain the time back in a couple weeks when we fly east across the International Date Line. But, again, that's really confusing, especially when thinking about the fact we fly back into San Francisco on Friday afternoon (Pacific time) and don't get on plane toward home until Saturday morning.

If you want to think about our time travel, this Time Zone Converter may help. Short story: New Zealand is 17 hours ahead of Central Time.

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  1. Oh, i can't handle it! I have a hard time with a three hour difference in AZ!!! Can't wait to hear more!!!!! Enjoy!