Tuesday, June 9, 2009

at the theater

I took Cate to her first full-length movie in a theater. And she sat through the whole thing.

"Tale of Desperaux" was shown at Paducah's Cinemark Theater this morning. And, to top it off, admission was just $1. Of course, as you can see, we bought a snack. (There are different kids' movie each week with showings on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.)

She spent most of the movie sitting on the edge of the seat because that was the only way she could keep the chair flipped down. When she leaned back, her little legs went up with the chair. The few times she leaned back, I just held the chair down for her.

"Tale of Desperaux" was even a cute movie, so that was a bonus for momma.


  1. lol - cute! We always have that problem, too! It's amazing that she was able to sit still at her age anyway, but sitting still at the edge of her seat is AMAZING! :) We've always put diaper bags/purses/coats behind their backs and that seems to work. Otherwise, I don't think mine would've done so well!
    Did you think the movie was really good? Plugged In Online gave it a great review...

  2. We took Makinsi to see UP yesterday. She did ok, but she did wander around some.