Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's Thought

I scrapbook in my basement, so naturally my albums end up on a shelf down there. Convenience. But the other day I was thinking about why I scrapbook ...

... to capture the ordinary details of everyday life that are worth remembering.
... to tell stories.
... to remember people and places.
... to preserve memories.

And what good is it to capture, tell, remember and preserve if the albums are sitting on a shelf in the basement? So I finally found a place in our main living area that can house some albums. These albums are sitting on top of my china cabinet in the kitchen. They are up high enough that little hands can't reach them but on display where people can look at them. At first I thought it was weird to have something like this in the kitchen, but then I thought about how many times we gather in the kitchen ... to eat, to talk, to laugh, to play games ... and I decided that really there's probably not a better place to house memories.


  1. I too have decided that I want to keep my albums handy for others to look at....why put all that hard work into something that isn't accessible for others to see?

    Great Idea - and thanks for sharing! :)

  2. That's funny b/c we have a china cabinet in our kitchen that was Byron's grandfather's BUT NO china... So I turned it into a memory cabinet. It has some pictures, some old things from Grandpa and then it used to have my scrapbook albums too until we got a real entertainment center in the living room. Now I have so many albums I really need them in the living room AND kitchen! ackk

  3. I think it's a fabulous idea! I finally took mine out of the closet (ah!) and set them up on my new shelves.

    I have problems remembering instances and certain little things they do or say so scrapbooking to me is not only a way to preserve those memories for myself and my kids and grandkids, but it's also a great creative outlet for me. Quite calming and therapeutic as well.

    Why not share your books with everyone-- they're fabulous!!!

  4. Yesterday when I kept Cate for a couple of hours I noticed the scrapbooks. I took some down and Cate and I browsed through them. What fun times each page brought to mind. Thanks for including Gran Gran and Grandaddy in so many of those memories. I didn't realize at the time that it was a new addition. I agree it is a great place to have them. Love, Peggy