Monday, March 30, 2009

Night Night: Part 2

The toddler bed seems to be working fine. In fact, Cate put herself down for a nap this afternoon.

We got home from having lunch about 12:30, which is around her usual naptime. A friend had called, so I was talking on the phone when we walked in the door. My plan was to chat a few more minutes and then put Cate to bed.

Meanwhile, Cate had a plan of her own ... She took off her shoes + socks, found her "blankie," crawled into bed, pulled her comforter over her and said "Night night, Mommy." I took my cue, hung up the phone and went in Cate's room to give her a naptime kiss. I even got an unsolicited "Love you, Mommy" out of the deal.


  1. Soooooo Sooooo sweet. You are doing a great job with Cate, she is such a joy.

  2. wow! i'm totally impressed!

  3. She must like to sleep more than Megan!! Wow!