Monday, January 19, 2009

Peanut Butter

Cate has only had peanut butter three times. Each time this has happened in a matter of seconds after she ate it, but then it goes away after 20-30 minutes. I'm just going to hold off on peanut butter until after her 2-year-old check-up with the doctor in May.

And the thing about today was I ordered her a grilled cheese, but YaYa's Island (an indoor play place) was crowded and the concession cashier was really not really functioning at an effective pace, so I didn't feel like requesting they make us a new sandwich after we waited longer than probably necessary for this one. I just figured since Cate hadn't had peanut butter in months, maybe it would be OK. Not so much.


  1. poor thing. Does she itch?

  2. Are her lips swollen too? If so I would definitely hold off, but if it's just the red she might be fine. Cade's face turned red when he ate ranch dressing - every time! and then he eventually quit doing it. BUT with all the allergy junk with peanuts you are probably doing the right thing waiting. I felt safe continuing with ranch since there aren't too many ranch allergies - LOL! Hope it doesn't get worse, what a pain to avoid certain things all the time.