Sunday, January 11, 2009

cousins + basketball + time together

My family (meaning my mom, sister, brother-in-law, brother, niece and nephew ...) came to visit this weekend. The trip was initially planned because Cassie + Zac are moving to New Zealand, and I felt the need to get some time in with my sister! So we picked the weekend that Murray State (mine + Greg's alma mater) played Austin Peay (Cassie + Zac's alma mater, where she played soccer + he played basketball).

But first we gave Milla her birthday present. She turned 5 on Jan. 6.

In the middle of opening her present, Milla decided Cate needed a sticker. So from then on, Cate was much more interested in the Curious George sticker than Milla's birthday present.

Then Saturday was game time ...

See, it was a sea of gold with little bits of red, courtesy my Austin Peay-supporting sister + brother-in-law (and mother who joined their side!). My brother remained neutral. Here's a close-up ...

Milla enjoyed her first basketball. She was ready to go with about 2 minutes left in the game. But it was a back-and-forth ending, so there was no leaving early for us basketball fans! Austin Peay ended up winning by 1 point, if you're interested.

Cate had fun too ...

She sported Zac's red hat and even sat with the opposing fans! (I think they were all interested in the guys walking in hamster-like balls through an obstacle course at half time!)

We also enjoyed just hanging out with each other this weekend ...


  1. Milla is getting so big!

    When does Cassie leave? What part are they moving too? Will you get a chance to visit while they are there? That would be sooo cool!

  2. I'm glad Cate got those pictures of you guys in the stands...that is too funny!! Thankfully your in-laws "own" that section so hopefully the red-wearing people were not in danger. :)