Monday, December 8, 2008

Early Christmas

I have a confession: I often find excuses to give Greg (and now Cate, apparently ...) presents early. He's not much better. I ordered him Carcassone because we're always looking for fun two-player games. Well, it came in the mail Saturday + we were discussing playing a game. I tried not to give in and open the box, but then he guessed what it was! So I let him open it. Although, we ended up playing the two-player Settlers of Catan Card Game instead. I put Carcassone under the tree, like that makes up for my weakness.

Like I said, apparently I'm going to have to toughen up before Cate is old enough to get the giving + receiving of Christmas presents ...

Mom ordered this table + chairs for Cate. It was delivered one day last week + Greg ended up putting it together last night. I suggested we go ahead and put it out because she'll be overwhelmed on Christmas anyway, so this way she can enjoy it without distraction. (Good justification, huh?!)

Cate likes to help carry stuff in from the car after a shopping trip. Apparently she even likes toting around an empty sack once we're inside! The sack did contain some stocking stuffers for Greg, but I had to put those away so I didn't away all the surprises!


  1. That table is a great idea! For whatever reason, kids love their own tables. :)

  2. Good to know byron and I are not alone. We are terrible - but we say it's all those years growing up that we HAD to wait. Now we say "we're grown-ups we can do whatever we want." we try to at least make it a week or so before the 25th, however this year we didn't even make it into Dec !! sad i know. I think it's fun no matter when it is!! OH and the kid thing... last year cade saw me give in which in turn made byron give in so WE then let him open one as well. You are right- they get so much, one (or five LOL) early is no biggie! :)

  3. Her hair looks too cute like that!

    So, tell me about that other game.

    We bought an XBOXlast week and D just said it came with a Catan game. We're going to try it out.

  4. I want that table!! And I am terrible too, I usually talk about having gotten him presents until he starts to guess and then I usually hint around until he figures it out. Of course, then I'm sad that he figured it out!

  5. Oh funny! I was fixin to say that you are as bad as Teaque and Byron but she already confessed!
    I am the oppposite...I am the last one to open gifts on Christmas, because I want to prolong the surprise!

  6. I already have all my presents from Brad or at least know what they are. I have one left that he doesn't know about, but that's only because it isn't in yet. I'm sure as soon as I pick it up, he'll get it. We're the same way!