Thursday, December 18, 2008

around the house

Yes, I'm OK. And, truly, I haven't been up to much. Just to answer a couple questions I've gotten recently. Weird, huh? This isn't the time of the year that people, especially frequent bloggers like me who obsessively take pictures, go missing. But, really, that adage about no news being good news that I can still hear my mom quoting pretty much holds true. We're good.

To recap the week so far ... We had some snow/ice/slush/freezing rain that has since washed away in slightly warmer rain that kept Cate + me inside the house Tuesday. I've been to Kroger + Wal-Mart, but, really, what's new? I bought the last few Christmas presents, which were stocking stuffers for my mom + mother-in-law. Everything is wrapped + under the tree.

Oh, and I've been watching reruns of LOST (the third season, to be exact).

So, today, I decided I'd take some pictures around the house. I was going to focus on Christmas decorations, but, first, Cate wanted to cheese ...

... with the Christmas-decorated mantle in the background.

Christmas cards are really one of my favorite parts of the holiday season ...

... and look at those cute snowmen that help hold cards.

I have a tradition (Two years makes it a tradition, right?!) of hanging a picture from the year on the tree in a new ornament. I may rotate them after a few years, otherwise, I'll have a lot of pictures on my tree. Anyway, this is the one for this year.

And while I was documenting Christmas decorations, Cate found this in her toy basket ...

And she clearly called it a pumpkin. She's a holiday off, but, hey, she's catching on!

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