Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Big

People often say, "She's getting so big." Yeah, I think so too. It's not so much that her hair curls up in the back as it's getting longer. Or that all her 12-month pants suddenly made her look like she was waiting for a flood.

To me, I notice her getting so big when she remembers things, like new words + the places we go. And I realize she's growing up when she can understand things I say better than she could even a few days ago. Oh, and the ways she mimics us (well, really anyone ...) amazes me.

Some examples ...

Almost every afternoon, we walk down the driveway to get the newspaper. I'll say, "Cate, let's go get the paper." She repeats, "Paper." Then heads to the side door that we really only ever use to get the paper or the mail. We walk down the driveway, holding hands. Then she bends down + picks up the paper when we get to the end. Then she carries the paper as we walk back. She still needs my hand to go up the few stairs. Then I open the door, and she says "Push" as she closes the door.

About an hour after dinner last night, Cate realized she could reach my insulin pen that was sitting on the kitchen table. When I noticed she had it (cap fully in tact), she was lifting up her shirt + poking her belly with the pen. Just like I do before every meal. I never have noticed her watching me do this, and she's never acted like she's noticed. But obviously she has.

When we pull into Greg's office driveway, she always says, "Da-ee."

At the Post Office, she walks over the automated mail machine and says, "Watch." (INTERPRETATION: "Watch" means "I'd like to do something but I can't quite do it myself. Can you help?" In this case, push the buttons.) So she helps me push the buttons to mail whatever box or envelope I have for someone who doesn't live here, and then she hears the sound of the label/stamp printing. And her attention goes to the slot that dispenses the label/stamp. She gets it + hands it to me. I remove the label/stamp I need, then give her the trash back. She says, "Trash" + puts it in the trash can that is conveniently located right next the machine. Then she usually wants to do it all over, but I usually don't have that much to mail!


  1. This was so neat to read! It sounds like her vocab has increased from 15 words to hundreds...that's so cool!

  2. That's awesome! It's soooo fun to watch them learn. D and i decided that between 12 months and about 27 (ish) months are our fave cause they are learning and watching and doing. So cute.