Thursday, October 9, 2008

Adoption: Putting It Out There

Yesterday I took the first step toward adopting a baby. Well, maybe I should say, I took the first step outside my own mind. I mailed a book I made about our family to a friend who is going to give it to her midwife who has referred pregnant women who want to give their baby up for adoption to people like us.

Interestingly enough, it was right at two years ago that Greg + I decided to adopt. We decided that channeling our energy, emotions and money into adoption was better than wondering if something like in-vetro fertilization would work. We haven't looked back. God has showed us again + again how his plan is so much better than ours. He has showed us that he has more than one way to make families.

We're thankful for our family. Cate -- who was born about seven months after we decided to adopt, less than five months after we first learned about her specific situation, and 15 weeks after we first met her birth mother -- has changed us in so many amazing ways. I have no doubt she was created to be in our family.

So we've been praying about our next baby. We have no timeline because we learned long ago how pointless that is. But we're waiting on God. Mailing the book to a friend of a friend was my way of getting started. It was my way of putting out there that we're ready to adopt again.

Last time my sister + brother-in-law told us about a baby. Just last night I was telling Cassie that I still owed them. We had told doctors + attorneys that we wanted to adopt, thinking they'd put us in touch with someone. Turns out the referral came at my family Christmas. Really, you can never predict how God will work.

We're at that putting-it-out-there stage now. So that's what I'm doing it: Putting it out there. We're hoping to adopt again, and we want people to know it just in case they know of a baby who needs a home. I have no doubt that God will be faithful to lead us to the baby he is creating for our family.


  1. This really makes me want to cry. I'm really excited for you guys and look forward to seeing what God does with this next step in your journey.

  2. Are you looking specifically for local newborns, or are you considering international, across the country, and/or an older baby/child, too?

    Exciting! I will pray for you guys!
    <3, laura

  3. I wanted to tell you how excited I was about this next step for you and realized that isn't an original sentiment after I looked at the other comments...But it's true, other adjectives just don't seem to work. I'll be praying with you!

  4. Wow! How wonderful. I have no doubt that God will lead the right baby to you. You all are wonderful parents and this new baby (whoever and where ever they are) will be soooo lucky to have the three of you in their life.

    I love you!

  5. Oh my goodness....cold chills!! I am so happy for you...I love seeing children get new siblings, you will not believe the connection (ask Teaque-I kept tellingher but she had to expierence it herself!) they have! I will keep my ears open!