Tuesday, September 23, 2008

These are the days of our lives ...

... the simple things.

Right now Cate keeps her baby close.* She even insisted on taking her into the Post Office with us yesterday.

This picture has two points.

1. Cate has learned to say "cheese" when the camera comes out. And this is her cheesing.

2. Those Crayola Color Wonder markers/paper are great! Cate loves to color, but she's still tempted to write on herself, or whatever else is near.

* Although probably not as close as her juice, which you'll see in both pictures!


  1. LOVE the haircut! Did you do it?

  2. Is that a cabbage patch kid?! Tooooooo cute!!!!!!!

  3. Sweet!! I want to get some of those markers. Megan doesn't do that well with crayons, she wants to carry them around...she likes play doh though.