Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scrappin' the night away

These are what I scrapped tonight ...

I've never scrapped a page before and disliked the way it turned out so much that I started completely over. (I've changed as I went along, still using what I had ...) That's what I did with the page about Katie's shower. Totally trashed what I had, reprinted the photos in different sizes, used different paper ... Now I'm pleased!

This is a two-page layout ...

The colors are better on the bottom. Both pages have the same background paper, although the top has the lines going horizontally and the bottom's are going vertically.

I'm really fond of this page of Cate hugging Ethne. I just like that I caught that moment.


  1. I love these pages. I especially love the use of the "bling" to mimic fireworks. I showed it to my friend at work, and we plan to scraplift the idea.. Just so you know :)

  2. Very good! I need to fins the top of my scrap table so i can start LIzzy's book.

    What sizes are your pages?