Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Uncle Zac

My family went to Hilton Head three years go. So Milla was 18 months old, about five months older than Cate was this time. There were definitely some similarities in the trips. One of those constants was Zac.

When we went in 2005, Milla learned how to say Zac, and spent a lot of time having a little crush on her aunt's boyfriend. She's still fond of him, as is Cate. So I thought I would show you a couple pictures to compare.

Here's Milla and Zac in 2005 ...

And here's Uncle Zac, still popular in 2008, now with two nieces ...

You'll see Zac's Livestrong bracelet on his wrist in the 2005 picture and in Cate's hand in the 2008 picture. Well, Cate played with it on the way home, and I think it's still in the car somewhere. Cleaning out the car is on my to-do list today, so maybe I'll find it.

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