Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red Letters Campaign: Countries

How do I choose a country? With so many choices, how do I even narrow it down? Where should I start?

When we decided to pursue adoption, we knew we wanted to help a baby in this country. Every family has their own reasons, but we just couldn't get past the fact babies here need homes too. When people in general think about adoption, I think the focus almost automatically goes to other countries. And, yes, babies there need homes. No doubt about it. But there are babies here too, and that's where our heart has been. Thankfully, God leads people's hearts to different places so babies around the world can be blessed.


  1. Thank you SO much for doing this blogbuzz! You're the only one so far!

    Thanks. . .and a sweet post, too!


  2. Kristin-I love your post! I attended an adoption "While you are waiting coffee" last night and one of the moms (who has adopted 2 (domestic)and is starting the process for #3!)asked why the big shift to international adoption. Our adoption ministry "lady" from church said she thinks it is like a pendulum and we will see it swing back toward domestic soon. Many countries are closing down or getting more strict. SHe said she also believes that people are wanting older children and in America you get babies.

    I told her about your success story and that woman of course had 2 success stories...I think we so often here about birth moms backing out etc that we don't hear all the good stories that do work out domestically!