Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random Moments with Cate

If she can help it, Cate hardly ever has socks on when we're inside. I usually take her shoes off when we come home from being out, but yesterday I didn't have a chance to. Now worries, Cate took care of it ... almost.

Apparently she got distracted and only managed to take off one shoe and one sock. Then it was dinner time.

Just yesterday, the nurse practitioner at the pediatrician's office asked me if Cate was pulling up on furniture. Just her bed, I told her. Well, today she made it to her knees holding on to the coffee table.

(Notice the lack of socks!)

And oh how interesting the new view was!

(Jodi, can you see how her hair is fixed in the bottom picture? It's pulled to the side with a rubber band. Is that too close to a ponytail? When she wasn't messing with her socks yesterday, she was pulling barrettes out of her hair ... so I had to move on to stronger means of keeping her hair out of her face!)

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