Monday, February 4, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action

This brings my Christmas page total to 10. I realize that might be a tad obsessive, but it was Cate's first Christmas and I really liked the paper I was using! In addition to finishing this page yesterday, I started what is going to be the 11th and final Christmas page. I ran out of Xyron adhesive, so I couldn't finish. I also experimented with an 8-by-10 photo and printed out what is going on my first 2008 page!

Fellow scrappers ... I've told you before that I use albums that have cardboard fronts and backs. I want to embellish them, but I'm not sure what I should use. I was thinking about wrapping them in ribbon and adding flowers or buttons or brads or something randomly. Have you all ever decorated the front of an album like this? If so, what did you use? If I use paper, do I need to reinforce it with Mod Podge or something so it doesn't get ruined over time?

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  1. I did a chipboard album awhile back and used that love elsie fabric self adhesive paper and it worked well enough but I had a hard time with the edges - ended up using ribbon on the edges but now it looks kinda rough. I would probably use the modpodge or something similar on the cover so it WILL hold out longer if I was to cover it with paper. You could use a cropodile and go all out with the brads!! oh and I love tying tons od ribbons on the spine/rings (not sure what you've got) Ummm sorry don't think I gave any real advice there...