Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Stocking & One Year

The first couple pages about Christmas at my parents' house ...

That box of journaling says: ... was huge! And I’m not sure “huge” does it justice. Grandma decided Milla and Cate needed these enormous stockings she found at Rite-Aid. And, boy, did she fill them! Cate got a lot of books in hers, which you can see that she enjoyed.

Cassie and Zac told us about the possibility of us adopting Cate when they were in Louisville for Christmas. Oh, what a difference a year can make! This year, we brought with us our nearly 8-month-old daughter to Christmas. Cate definitely enjoyed her time with Aunt Cassie and Uncle Zac.

Does that page with Cassie and Zac look finished? Does it need some brads, eyelets or jewels -- something else to go with the circle theme I have going on?

Fellow scrappers, have you seen Basic Grey's Figgy Pudding line of paper? It's wintry and Christmas-y without being overbearing. Great colors too. That's what the paper on those pages above is, as well as some of my earlier Christmas pages.


  1. Very cute pages. I like the figgy pudding. For the bottom page, you could maybe ink the edges of the white letters or put a little red paint on the edges? I think it works, but that might make it stand out a little? Either way, it's super cute, you've inspired me to try and use more circles.

  2. totally love that stocking paper!! very cute - ok I think the title on that one page just doens't stand out enough - not sure exactly what to suggest but that's what I noticed anyway (well once you asked) :) oh just read Katy's comment - i vote paint edges red.

  3. I love that paper! I think i may "need" some. ;) The LO's are adorable too! I like the paint the edges advice. You could also stick a couple brads in the circle on the right, inside the circles on the paper. Does that even make sense?

  4. mEANT TO ASK... do you mean "one year ago Cassie and..."