Monday, November 26, 2007

Be thankful ... at least 50 times

I was planning on posting this picture and blogging about how blessed I am. But Shelley inspired me on the format of this Thanksgiving post. Pardon the delay, we were visiting with my family in Louisville and I only briefly touched a computer.

So as I reflect on 2007, I am thankful, in no particular order, for ...

1. Cate
2. Cate's birth mother who is brave and generous
3. Greg being my complement
4. Greg's company that is doing well ...
5. ... well enough I am able to stay home with Cate
6. Supportive families
7. Old friends
8. New friends
9. E-mail
10. Blogs
11. Diet Dr Pepper
12. Insulin
13. Our house
14. Books
15. My camera
16. The creative outlet that is scrapbooking
17. My unfinished yet live-able basement that provides scrapbooking space
18. Central heating and air
19. Mature trees in our yard
20. Cate's good sleeping and eating habits
21. Cate's laugh
22. Greg's sweet spirit with Cate
23. Murray's small-town charms, like less traffic than cities
24. Murray State and the entertainment (aka basketball and football) it provides
25. ABC's growing number of good television shows
26. Settlers of Catan
27. Facebook
28. A brother-in-law that takes care of my sister
29. Our church
30. Music
31. ... in Murray ... like the Dierks Bentley concert last week and the Third Day/Jars of Clay concert later this week
32. My cell phone
33. The joys that come with decorating and giving at Christmastime
34. Seasons
35. A yard full of leaves
36. Traveling
37. Soft blankets
38. Peanut butter
39. Crock pots
40. Coupons
41. Books, especially the ones by James Patterson, Catherine Coulter and Lisa Gardner
42. Sharpie markers
43. Google
44. Cards for no reason
45. Talks in the car with my husband
46. The grace that comes with new days
47. Butterflies
48. Toys that teach
49. My car's automatic locks and windows
50. My hair straightener

On an unrelated Thanksgiving note, Cate tried ... I can't decide whether to say "table food" or "our food" ... cranberries and mashed potatoes. It was the first time she had something other than her formula-filled bottles or baby food. As you can tell in the picture, the cranberry sauce was a hit. And she tolerated the potatoes.


  1. oh my! Reading your made me realize how many things I left out! Oops! We are so blessed to have so many things to be thankful for!

    Patterson and Coulter are two of my faves too. WHat does Lisa what's her name write? Mysteries?

  2. Sorry I've been MIA lately... loved your list there are so many simple things that we have to be thankful for!