Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Telling stories on the massive World Wide Web

So I was reading another blog today, and while reading the comments to her recent post, I started thinking about my motives for blogging, especially about Cate.

I started my blog in 2001 as a way to keep up with friends. Well, OK, mostly Ryan convinced me to. (And he barely updates his anymore, but that's another matter ...) Anyway, I'm glad I did. It's a great record-keeping tool for me and a great way to keep in touch with friends and even make new friends.

And, regarding Cate specifically, it's an efficient, fun way to keep others posted on her progress. Yes, she's my daughter and I think every smile is precious, sometimes giggle inside when her bottom lip quivers before she cries and never can completely capture how I feel about her in photos or words. Even so, I try to at least touch on the surface.

Cate was a much prayed and hoped for baby. By us. But also by many of you. (That's you plural ... even though I still don't know how plural because of you lurkers who don't comment! Another matter, again ...)

God blessed us with Cate, and I only hope our story helps someone else. I don't mind sharing. And in this day and age, this is how. Come to my house, and you can see my scrapbook up close and personal, not just through snapshots on here.

Should I worry about letting to much information out on the World Wide Web? Maybe. But I also trust that putting our stories -- the big ones and the day-to-day moments -- out there might help someone else cope with whatever else is going on. Should I worry about how Cate will react one day to knowing her baby moments are chronicled here? Maybe. But really I think she'll be glad to have my blog (and scrapbooks) because Lord knows I wouldn't otherwise remember details.

The blog is for me. The blog is for Cate. The blog is for you.

What do you think?


  1. I love it, I read it everyday and it will be a wonderful for her as she grows older to look at.

    Keep it up. You are a great writer and It also helps me to connect with you more when you share your thoughts.
    Love, PT

  2. I love it too! You inspired me to (finally) get on the "blog train", if you will. I think it's a wonderful way to keep in touch with those friends and family that don't get to see my kids everyday. Their loss ;)but at least some of the little stories and day to day moments won't get forgotten.

    Keep it up!

  3. Nice jab...

    None-the-less, I am going to drop some knowledge on you. You should check out http://www.jumpingmonkeys.com/. Megan has a podcast that deals with this same subject (mommy blogs vs. privacy and what-not). I think this would be a good resource for you.

  4. Kristen,
    I've only met you once, at the crop in IN with Shelley last year, but I read your blog everyday. I feel like I've gotten to know you even better. I love hearing about Cate. So keep it up, people are reading even if they don't comment.


  5. I'm so glad you have this blog--I'm not often good about commenting, but I always read, and I love keeping up with the adorable Cate!

    We tired moms would never be able to remember the day-to-day little stuff if we didn't blog, I think, so it's a wonderful tool for that. Just back up your entries elsewhere, okay? I learned that the hard way with an old personal blog when the server went kablooie.

    The privacy issue is a biggie, especially if you work at a newspaper. I answer the phones in the evening and have received personal threats for stories other people have written, just because I happen to work there. So maybe I'm a little paranoid, yes. ;)