Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The return home ... with one bag too few

So I just got home from Atlanta* and I realized as I was unpacking the car that the scrapbooking goodies I had purchased at Jo-Ann this weekend were in TWO BAGS, not just the one I picked up at the counter after checking out. So about $30 worth of embellishments, two packages of my favorite chipboard letters, buttons and refill pages are not with me. That bag is somewhere else. But not at the store. I checked. I think I even begged. The nice lady said they keep the stuff people walk off without, but my bag didn't seem to be there.

*We actually didn't go to Atlanta. Just all the urban sprawl associated with the city. We went to my cousin's wedding in Kennesaw, shopped at an outlet mall in Dawsonville, ate dinner at another cousin's house in Suwanee, went to a Barnes & Noble in Snellville, stayed a couple extra days at Stone Mountain and visited some friends between Tucker and Decatur.

Pictures from my trip to come ... I need to go start laundry and quadruple-check for my Jo-Ann bag before Cate wakes up from her nap.


  1. oh, how sad! Have you found them yet?

  2. I went to the Jo-ann Etc. store this past weekend. Man, is it great! It puts our piddly Jo-ann store here in Lex to shame. It was cool to see the difference.