Tuesday, October 9, 2007

(Not) So Happy Together

Today I watched Ethne for awhile while Angela took Elijah to speech therapy. Quite a mama's girl, Ethne wasn't pleased when Angela left. So she curled up on the couch and eventually went to sleep. During that time, Cate woke up.

SIDENOTE: While they both were sleeping I was watching "Jon & Katie Plus 8." Have you seen that show? All I can say is: Wow. Talk about a crazy house of which that mother somehow seizes control. A set of twins AND a set of sextuplets. Wow.

So, anyway, once both of the girls were awake, we went outside to swing. And Cate was really into Ethne ...

But Ethne wasn't too into Cate.

So much so, Ethne tried to shrug Cate off.

So I moved Cate.

But Cate didn't understand.

Sure, I'm biased, but I don't know how Ethne resisted those big, beautiful eyes.

Later, after Angela had returned, Ethne showed more love toward "Baby Cate."


  1. I just recently watched Jon and Kate;s crazy family. I was so shocked i just couldn't turn the channel! Can you imagine?! There's no way I'd have hair left. Kudos to Kate.

    And I don't know how Ethne resisted Cate's big eyes! I wouldn't have been able to. :)

  2. Such precious little girls. That is one of the best photos of Cate I have seen. I now have it on my pictures and I printed off a photo for Nana so she could show her friends. Haven't seen the show, but I can only imagine.